We put the fun back into swimming pools. If you want a sparkling clean pool year round but don't have the time required to manage and clean your swimming pool properly, call us. If you want to avoid the ugly green pool, are simply tired of the embarrassing dirty pool or just want a professional to handle the chemicals, call us. We put the fun, and leisure, back into swimming pools.

We've heard it all, from "Our daughters graduation party is two weeks away and our pool is green!" to "If I have to clean that darn pool one more time, i'm gonna fill it in with dirt!." People have lots of reasons for needing a swimming pool service professional and each pool has different needs. A Chico Pools service professional is available to discuss your swimming pool challenges, we're just a phone call away.

We handle all problems from a chemical imbalance to total equipment replacement, our pool repair technicians have the training and experience to tackle any challenge.

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